North node pisces compatibility

Not helping in anyway. The sexuality part was so accurate it was scary to me. I became celibate because my body would be there but my mind would be some place else.

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Yes, hurray for common sense! I got your point that spending time near or in water may be helpful. I do love being around creeks and rivers. And thank you! This is spot on! That is the difficult part! The wide spectrum of interests has led to mayor indecisiveness and troubles. A narrow focus out of the SN Virgo? I believe so. Water does feel as a relieve. Hmmmm, fishing.

Spiritual Life Lessons: The Nodes of the Moon in Astrology

Could that include research or looking for information? Fishing for ideas, knowledge or information? Since data and information are so heavily associated with Gemini, I would tend to think no, but fishing for imagery or memories from the unconscious would be under this purview. The moon sign is our nature in childhood, our most basic emotional state. You have to earn your sun sign as you get older and mature the energy of the moon sign.

So in your case, I think what might be more important is how the sun sign and North Node can support each other. Hi, Celestina! Can you please elaborate on this? What do you mean by earning your sun sign and how can the sun sign and NN can support each other?

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A few example, please! English is not my 1st language, and sometimes I need more explanations so I can understand. Many, many thanks! Generally speaking, a child will be operating primarily off of his or her moon sign. This is the emotional body, the instincts, the less evolved for lack of a better word core of the person.

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Over time, we grow into the traits of our sun sign. For example, an Aries child with a moon in Pisces will grow in adulthood to be perhaps a bit less dreamy and more active, the pioneering and feisty drive indicative of Aries energy will become more pronounced. That is, if the child is given support and room to make mistakes, a chance to develop and grow. A lot of people operate on their moon almost exclusively. You just go by date of birth and the rotation is mostly stable from year to year.

In terms of the difference, I would say the sun sign energy is much, much easier to get to. It should come naturally to a person as they mature. The North Node is karmic and seems always a struggle.

Soulmate Astrology Myths

How hard it is to let go of the South Node. You go through life wanting to help people and as a child, you may have felt obligated to assist and doing so is what makes you feel great about yourself. In your career, you want to be able to help people as much as possible, which is why jobs that allow you to show this side of your personality is what will suit you best. August 3rd, — January 26th, February 20th, — August 19th, September 12th, — April 6th, April 15th, — December 26th, Sometimes, this can make you end up in tricky situations where you are accused of using people for your own gain when actually, you just want to succeed by doing the right thing.

The best way to stop coming across like this would be to speak the truth about how you really feel instead of sugar coating it. In many areas of your life, you are extremely hard working and hate feeling lazy, meaning that the start to your career will take off like a rocket, making others look at you in admiration. Careers that allow you to be entrepreneurial are the best suited to your personality because you never put a limit on what you can achieve.

Go for it! December 14th, — August 2nd, August 26th, — February 19th, March 17th, — September 11th, October 14th, — April 14th, Being great at different subjects could have seen you score incredible grades in school and college, however, would have made it difficult to decide what you really want to do. Knowing the right path for you can be a struggle and you could even change your job roles many times in your adult life, searching for the one that fits best.

Instead of rushing yourself to decide right here and now, take the time to try out different things without changing jobs too often. In a particular role, other tasks could appear that cater to all of your different talents but you must be patient to discover this.

What Your North & South Nodes Say About You | Wishing Moon

May 12th, — December 3rd, December 24th, — August 25th, September 25th, — March 16th, April 10th — October 13th, Instead of waiting around for things to just happen, you like to strategically plan and execute goals that you can reach by working very hard and then allowing yourself to celebrate afterwards. If you wanted to do something since you were little, chances are you will have done everything in your power to get there. November 22nd, — May 11th, June 11th, — December 23rd, January 6th, — September 24th, April 10th — October 13th, May 10th — November 6th, Extremely intelligent with an eagerness to please, getting those gold stars in class is what you lived for as a child and this is set to continue throughout your life.

In your life, you will need to learn not to be so hard on yourself and just express that amazing character you have without being shy about it. You love to look at the bright side of life and never want to allow those negative thoughts sneak their way in. Being surrounded by lots of friends is something you hold dear, however, balancing many different groups might mean you find it hard to maintain close, quality relationships.

One thing you must keep in mind is that if your head wanders too much, you might find it very hard to pay attention, making it very easy for you to make mistakes. Also, because you like to look at the positives, other people can take advantage of your kind-hearted nature by being dishonest.

Pisces North Node, Virgo South Node

June 17th, — December 15, January 8th, — July 5th, August 1st, — January 25th, February 19th, — November 11, Growing up, relationships may have been rather problematic, especially if you struggled and found little to no help in those that should have been figures of guidance and authority. However, in Sun sign comparisons they look at aspects between the signs. Even though Sun sign comparisons won't tell the whole story, you can get a sense of the fundamental differences and similarities and how easy or challenging a relationship might be.

Couples whose Suns are in the same sign are conjunct by sign not degree. Their overall characteristics and energy levels are very similar, they identify with one another and are alike in many ways. However, while individuals whose Suns are in the same sign will share the same positive qualities, they also share the same flaws and weakness.

Sadly, both may find it difficult to be with someone who mirrors the things they like least about themselves. If a couple's Suns are in the same modality, their Suns in a square aspect by sign not degree. While their relationship will be dynamic and energizing, it will also be challenging and frustrating. Unfortunately, their differences, if not understood and handled correctly, can lead to mutual frustration.

Table of Sign Modality, Element, and Orientation

The three modalities cardinal, fixed, mutable establish three distinct styles of expressing energy. Couples whose Sun signs are in opposition have the same Sun sign modality, which is challenging.

Additionally, they have other basic personality differences. None the less, opposites are attracted to and intrigued by one another. When a couple's Suns signs are trine, they are in the same element.

We’re Here for a Reason

This indicates an easy flow of thoughts, feelings, and perspective. Cooperation and harmony provide an optimistic environment where both can prosper and grow together. Elemental compatibility is usually seen as the best connection. And while it's true the individuals share the same basic elemental strengths, they also share the same elemental weaknesses, and these weaknesses can cause problems in the relationship and drive them apart. The four elements fire, earth, air, water describe four different personality types. When one person's Sun sign sextiles another's, their Sun's are in elements that are compatible.

This creates a relationship that is comfortable and natural for both.