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Frequency of Eclipses:.

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However, the Moon usually does not pass in front of the Sun causing a solar eclipse , nor does the Moon pass into the Earth's shadow causing a lunar eclipse since the Moon's orbit is inclined about 5 degree to the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. This allows the Moon to pass at least partially in front of the Sun a solar eclipse , or at least partially move into the Earth's shadow a lunar eclipse.

That is, for eclipses to occur the Moon must be at New or Full Phase and the line of nodes must point toward Sun as in points 1 or 3 below. Otherwise the Moon will not lie in the plane of the Earth's orbit and eclipses will not be possible such as point 2.

Malefic Mercury

Lunar Nodes and Eclipses:. Every six months the nodes line up with the Sun's direction and solar eclipses become possible at the time of New Moon. Likewise lunar eclipses become possible at the time of Full Moon. These two intervals of time when solar and lunar eclipses are possible are called eclipse seasons. Certainly, if the house they occupy is aspected, the quality of that house is influenced by the aspecting planet and in this way, according to traditional astrologers, we say that Rahu or Ketu are aspected by a benefic or malefic but they do not themselves come under the realm of aspects as do the other physical planets.

I am in full agreement with this! They show their effect through their dispositor and the conjunct planet. More Articles. Jyotish Basics.

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Jupiter aspect Mercury in the Horoscope

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Bhavat Bhavam. First knowing about yourself then comes rest of the world. They are not very friendly to each other. For Jupiter, Mercury is enemy but for Mercury, Jupiter is neutral. When the natural 3 rd , 6 th , 9 th and 12 th house lords are in conjunction then the person will be always little stubborn in their theory of knowledge, always keen on injecting their faith or belief on you rather than getting biased by your belief. Jupiter is the natural lord of fortune and higher knowledge house 9 th when in conjunction with natural 6 th house of service, analysis makes a person very much focused on what they want and what they are opting for.

Mars: Mars aspect shows a straight shooter. The planet or house becomes a direct type of environment. They want to take actions towards those things which are aspected by Mars. They are straightforward with aggressive behavior. It shows our desire to achieve a higher level of knowledge in our physical and spiritual life. It either neutralizes the negative result, or reverses it into positive territory. Jupiter's ability to expand can increase the positive or negative feeling of the planet. Saturn: Saturn's aspect shows where we have to focus our attention.

Its influence shows where we have to practice the most discipline in order to reap the results of our labor.

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This is why Saturn's aspect becomes the most important. This aspect also brings fear and anxiety, since we feel so much responsibility in life towards those houses. Rahu: Rahu's aspect shows where we need to expand, conquer, and achieve. In relation to aspect, Rahu acts like Mars. It has an obsession with things that it aspects, and it must achieve its goals to fulfill its hunger.

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The reason why Rahu is truly like Saturn is because it brings fear towards those things as well. Rahu puts a wrapper of illusion or foreign element upon the planets he aspects or the houses he aspects. Foreign element simply means things we do not understand or are unfamiliar with.