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If you want to chat about my experience with having a Career Alchemy Session, you can email me your questions and we can set up a time to chat. I hope you enjoy your Career Alchemy Session as much as I did! Just a quick note to let you know that Natalie did not ask me to write this post, nor did she provide me any payment or incentive for sharing her work. I was simply called to share her services with you as another way for you to explore your search for career fulfilment. She delights in sharing practical, straight to the point career advice, spending time with her family and eating Mexican food.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin 0. How it all came about While perusing one of the Facebook Groups I am a member of, I came across the absolutely glorious Natalie from Soulshine Astrology.

Taking the first step When I booked my session with Natalie, I was asked to complete a really quick questionnaire, in which she asked me my date, time and place of my birth. Consider a Career Alchemy Session if… 1.

You are wanting to explore your woo-woo, but you are straddling the fence between spirituality and practicality Are you feeling the woo-woo calling and you are just not sure how to handle it? Click to Tweet. You are feeling a little stuck in your career and are willing to consider a non-conventional way of exploring your options I know what it is like to feel stuck in your career and I know that it is a common theme for my clients. Want more super cool career advice, freebies and updates? Sign up to the Career Club today! Especially when you are a student and need to choose your career path, a lot of confusion and pressure might find place into your life.

It is then the right moment for you to pause for a little while in search of answers through astrology. There might be numerous career options out there for you to consider, but only some are the best ones according to your astrological personality specifics. Do not forbid yourself the chance of choosing based on serious information so that you might be certain that you have made the right decision from the beginning. If you are a person with a strong Sun in your birth chart for example, you may want to consider taking on a leadership job right from the start of your professional road.

Life will take you there either way because you were most likely meant to work and act like a leader on Earth. The sooner you fulfill this the best because this way you allow yourself the chance to evolve more and in a faster manner. In case you are among thousands of people that have Mercury as their ruling planet, then you must know that you are a great communicator. Also, you most definitely are either a Virgo or a Gemini. Use this to your advantage and find jobs that place high value on this quality.

It will help you earn a lot because you will master each and every daily task at work like no one else could. Communication is in your nature, you like it and are really good at it without putting too much effort into doing this. Consider choosing jobs in journalism, public speaking, writing and clerical roles as the best options for fast, proven long-term results. We always hear people saying that some people have simply been born to do business and win a lot of money.

No matter why you believe so the idea is that this is actually true. Jupiter aspects this Mercury very closely and thereby confers great strength to the Mercury the planet of communication and to the 10th house by virtue of its lordship. So the evidence begins to accumulate that pushes the 2nd house to the forefront of the chart, along with Mercury. Mercury in fact may be the strongest planet in the chart. The Sun is also rendered superstrong through its extremely tight conjunction with Venus -- with just 8 minute s orb.

Besides further boosting the 2nd, it also supports the indications of the 9th house, including higher knowledge and duty. This is perhaps one reason why Oprah did not pursue the usual TV trash daytime talk show and instead chose to tackle more serious and refined social issues that aimed at the betterment of her viewers.

Importance of the strongest and most influencing planet in the horoscope

So here are some rough and ready rules for career selection. House and sign of Sun, Moon and ascendant and ascendant ruler lagnesh. Look for repeating patterns e. All aspects to these. Any houses with 3 or more planets outers excluded. This house and the one opposite will usually be connected with career in some basic way. The strongest planet in the chart such as one that is exalted and unafflicted or receives a close aspect from Jupiter, Venus, or Mercury. Also planets that are heavily aspected by several planets are like pivots for the whole chart. If connected to the 2nd or 11th houses representing money, strong planets will probably provide the best avenue in life for prosperity.

Besides providing a vocational guide, astrology can also indicate when career advances and setbacks are most likely. Using a combination of transits and planetary dashas, we can usually determine which times will yield favourable results and which times may prove more difficult. The dasha of a poorly placed, afflicted planet may prevent any advance despite the best efforts and hard work on the job.

The critical issue then lies in determining which planets can yield good results and which will not. This is rarely straightforward and requires careful consideration of the natal and dashamsha D charts. An interesting example can be found in the chart of recently retired U. She was the first female justice on the Supreme Court.

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Her legal career can be seen by the significator of law, Jupiter, in the 6th house in Taurus. The 6th house is associated with legal matters. This Jupiter is especially strong because it is chart ruler. This makes the 6th house a focus of the horoscope. Jupiter is further enhanced by its dispositor, Venus, exalted in Pisces in the 4th house, is placed in a kendra house, close to the IC and Sun. The 4th house square aspect from Mars may have produced some health concerns over the years, but for career matters, this influence was not negative. All of these influences make Jupiter an exceptional planet in this chart.

This coincided with the running of the Saturn-Mars dasha. Although these are two natural malefics, we can see good results from the periods of these planets as long as they are strong in the horoscope. In this case, they are. Saturn is 2nd and 3rd lord well placed in the first house, unaspected except for a wide trine from Rahu and a tight square from Uranus.

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Career Astrology: finding your path

The Uranus influence is also not a hindrance for career matters and may describe the sudden or tumultuous nature of life events throughout the period. Saturn is further strengthened by virtue of its placement in Purvashada, a nakshatra owned by Venus. Venus, as we know, is very strong by exaltation and placed in a kendra with the Sun. Finally, the favourable 9th and 10th lords Sun and Mercury are both placed in Uttara Bhadrapada, a nakshatra ruled by Saturn.

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This enhances the results of the Saturn dasha, especially as they pertain to career advancement 10th house in legal matters 9th house. The bhukti lord Mars is a crucial factor here. Its dispositor Saturn is strong in the first house. Its nakshatra lord Rahu is also strong since it is placed in the favourable 5th house.

Find Your Perfect CAREER Using Astrology!

Moreover, the benefic Moon is placed in Dhanista, a Mars-ruled nakshatra. The two dasha lords, Mars and Saturn are in a very auspicious house relationship with each other which also helps the results for this period.

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O'Connor sworn-in Sept 25, It is also important to note the transits at the time of the appointment. Dasha lord Saturn was transiting the 10th whole sign house of career and fame and most importantly fell under the exact aspect of benefic natal Jupiter at the time of the confirmation and swearing-in. Although Rahu is a natural malefic, it often operates favourably in material matters such as career, particularly when it is well placed natally.

It is as if that positive natal energy of the planet is bundled up and carried on the long transit journey through the sky, ready for distribution in transit situations. Finally, transit Jupiter closely aspected 10th lord Mercury at the time of the appointment and then 11th lord Venus two months later at the time of the swearing-in.

Career Astrology: finding your path. Judging career aptitudes is one of the most difficult areas of astrology. Occasionally, a chart will offer a clear picture that makes it easy to see vocational direction. We can narrow down these choices even more by looking at the rest of the key factors in the char Next we need to examine the condition of the luminaries, the Sun and Moon.

Careers by sign Aries army and police, surgeon, mechanics, iron and steel, firefighting, industrialists, athletes. Careers by house First self-employment, politics or the public at large, the body e. Case study: Graham Greene [Please note I use the sidereal zodiac and whole sign houses.

Create new account Request new password. Order A Horoscope Reading Click here to order your personal astrology reading. As a map of the planets at the time of your birth, the horoscope offers insights into personality, aptitudes and talents and can reveal potential trajectories in your life. While nothing is fated, some planetary patterns strongly incline us towards particular life outcomes. Weekly Market Forecast 7 October This is my brief weekly update on the financial markets and discuss how changing planetary positions may be reflecting developments in the political and economic spheres.